GASTBLOG: Fascism in the Premier League

Zo af en toe krijgen we lezerspost, maar zelden is deze afkomstig van een Engelstalige inwoner van Berlijn met een Hollandse naam. Op zijn website plaatste hij al eerder een Voetblah-column. Dat verdient een wederdienst. Linksom of rechtsom, gastscribent Emil v/d Plas laat geen spaan heel van Paolo di Canio. En dat kunnen wij wel waarderen. Normaliter schrijft Emil op dit WK Blog. Read it!

The self-proclaimed Italian fascist Di Canio was last week appointed as manager of Sunderland football club as successor to the earlier dismissed Martin O’Neill. And very fittingly, Di Canio’s first game in charge of Sunderland yesterday was a defeat to Chelsea. It was also fittingly by an ‘own-goal’ – which is certainly one way to generally describe his appointment to the club. The controversial Di Canio, was discredited already in 2005, when, in his own country, as a player for Lazio, he gave the Hitler salute to fascist supporters.  His ‘admiration’ and ‘fascination’ for the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini are frequently cited as the initials “DUX” tattooed on his arm – the Latin equivalent of the nickname of the dictator, given to him by members of the fascist movement of Benito Mussolini. He tried to down-play the obvious political intent of this action which makes him also an outright liar and opportunist.

Paolo di Canio article-2303113-01FA8DD50000044D-381_634x450What was the club thinking when they made this appointment? Is this the type of model they want to hold up to the young supporters of the team? Perhaps if we follow the money trail, all will become clearer. The current owner and chairman of the English Premier League club Sunderland is a certain Ellis Shortan American ‘private-equity type of businessman’ – who seems out to ruin and sabotage the club. Not out of any ill will – he stands to gain if the club does well – but it seems simply out of pure American brazen stupidity.

In finance, ‘private equity’ is basically a rebranding of leveraged buyout firms – so more a casino capitalist-banking type of businessman who does not produce or make anything himself but parasitically hijacks existing companies in difficulty and then fleece the crap out of  them, if and when the chance arises. For former Labour UK foreign minister David Miliband, the ‘fleecing the club’  part seemed to have been acceptable. But to now have a self-declared fascist as coach is just one bridge too far, even for opportunist Labour has-beens like himself and he has thus duly resigned as vice-chairman and independent director of Sunderland.

We wish fascist Di Canio and his Sunderland team relegation this season. Most of the British press is against the appointment and mostly for the right reasons. Fascism is simply a hard-sell in the United Kingdom!

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4 Reacties op “GASTBLOG: Fascism in the Premier League

  1. En dit twitterde Ian Wright vandaag: I’m sorry, Ed Milliband leaving #Sunderland because of #DiCanio, what a load of crap!

  2. Ik snap de woede die het gebaar oproept maar sommige romeinen willen de (romeinse) groet tonen vanwege de roots kwestie (wie is de echte romein – en wie durft de geschiedenis te eren… gladiator totti of di canio, curva sud vs nord – beide werelden delen de geschiedenis van de stad en van het romeinse volk…. vandaar dat de groet ook tussen de asroma fans te zien is. (Gaan ook Lazio fans heen)

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